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Sample Training Ideas

  If you need a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, consider the following. If You're a Runner: Runners benefit from strength training, core workouts...

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Feel the power!

Tips for Choosing a Cross-Training Routine

  Because cross-training workouts aren't "one size fits all," you have to think critically about your usual routine to find cross-training activities suited for you. ...

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Squat Modifications for Sore Knees

Try a Modification to the Squat Wall Slide You can use a wall to help support your back while you slide into a squat position.  Make sure the knees stay behind ...

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Are You Doing the Proper Squat Form?

It's often bad form that causes knee pain during squats. One reason is squatting with the knees too far forward. It should be the glutes taking the brunt of your weight, not your ...

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